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Spend Less Time on Backend, Spend More Time on Business

Our Story


Ntuple is a tech startup that focuses on backend technology, such as API and Serverless platforms.

We were established by global game server developers, fintech server developers, and financial experts with the goal of providing an easy and affordable cloud solution that can help companies focus more on their business rather than worrying how to build up the backend.

Our main product is Synctree which is a ‘No-code API Solution’ with a simple ‘Drag and Drop’ graphic interface. Coding is replaced by various modularized function blocks, and by combining these blocks, you can easily create business logic, build microservices, and create, publish, manage, test, deploy your APIs. All of this can be instantly done in one single tool.

SyncTree does not require a development language or development environment and is provided as SaaS format. Users can instantly use SyncTree just by creating an account and accessing the website.

Our goal is to help companies reduce the time and money spent on backends and help them focus on creating business and value. Furthermore, our mission is to provide easy and affordable cutting-edge technology so that everyone who wants to realize their ideas online doesn't have to worry about the backend.


301, 25, Gukjegeumyung-ro 8-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

T. 070-4222-6144

E. support@nntuple.com

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