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SyncTree provides 'Protocol' module blocks for easy interworking with various protocols. Various protocol requests can be resolved with a customized server through the 'Adapter' function.


  1. SyncTree provides various 'Protocol' module blocks for smooth communication with the outside world.
  2. 'Protocol' module block is provided so that various protocols such as REST and SOAP can be easily interworked, and HTTPS communication encrypted with SSL is supported in all sections for safe communication.
  3. Other various protocols (MQTT, Tcp/IP) will be added as module blocks, and users can simply interwork with various protocols through the 'Protocol' module block.
  4. In addition, SyncTree's international patented security protocol enables secure data exchange or communication without any authentication processing.
Security protocol


  1. SyncTree provides 'Adapter' function to support customized server so that requests can be received through various protocols.
  2. If you use SyncTree's 'Adapter' function, you can receive requests for various protocols such as SOAP, MQTT, and TCP/IP, and you can use the API implemented in SyncTree more extensible.
  3. You can connect with business without restrictions on various environments and various protocols, and expand new business more quickly.
Communication Protocol
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