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SyncTree provides 'Marketplace' functionality to quickly monetize your API. Enterprise customers can build their own API marketplace through the 'Portal migration' function.

Marketplace(coming soon)

  1. SyncTree provides a 'Marketplace' feature for API monetization and marketing. 'Marketplace' makes it easy for consumers to search and receive various APIs.
  2. APIs implemented through SyncTree can be quickly monetized by publishing them on the marketplace.
  3. Consumers who want to use a specific API can quickly purchase the API after sufficiently testing and verifiying the API via the 'Portal' function.
  4. Marketplace features allow you to generate revenue through estimating and analyzing the value of APIs, and discovering new business value.

Portal migration

  1. SyncTree provides a 'Portal migration' function to easily implement a marketplace for corporate customers in an on-premise environment.
  2. Corporate customers can manage the API lifecycle through SyncTree and build their own marketplace through the 'Portal migration' function.
  3. 'Portal migration' function is provided through standardized APIs and procedures to quickly implement all the information required for the marketplace.
  4. Enterprise customers can quickly build their own marketplace with only APIs and procedure requests to implement an ecosystem for new business strategies.
Portal migration
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