SyncTree Product


SyncTree Infra is SyncTree's service for creating, posting, maintaining, and monitoring rest and websocket APIs regardless of the size of the customer.SyncTree Infra consists of Gateway and Batch.



  • Gateway infrastructure support, ALB and ALB redundancy, 3Tier structure support.
  • Provides domain setting related functions.
  • Provide security related functions.

SyncTree Gateway is an infrastructure and security service environment for running and operating microservices. Clients can register their auth key and host. Also, various ALBs supported by the 3Tier architecture environment, firewall IP settings, and ALB redundancy can be used.


  • Restful web support.
  • Support scheduling function.
  • Supports execution history and linkage with various collaboration tools.

It provides the function to call the bizunit created through SyncTree according to the batch job over time.

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