SyncTree Product


SyncTree provides 'Account Management' function so that unnecessary privileges can be suppressed/managed by classifying user roles/authorities. In addition, through the 'Support' function you can systematically manage the speed and cost of your business.


  1. SyncTree provides a 'Backup' function to back up the generated logs for a specified period for stable data protection.
  2. Depending on the SyncTree product, the log retention period is relatively different, and if you want stable data protection, you can use it as a product suitable for the log storage period and receive it.
  3. Business accounts provide log storage period without limit, and when requested through the 'Support' function, log data of the requested period is provided according to the monthly limit.

Account & Management

  1. SyncTree provides Account Management function that allows you to manage accounts with strong management policies such as 'Role-based access control (RBAC)' and 'Role-Permissions'.
  2. The roles are divided into administrator and user, and about 30 privileges can be added or removed directly from the user account. Authorization can be easily granted through predefined authorization groups such as All, Administrator, and Developer.Only the users who have been granted IAM authorization to manage authorization can use the AccountManagement function
  3. By specifying only the privileges required for the service for each user, access to the wrong user can be blocked and the service can be protected. In addition, SyncTree's powerful management policy allows you to stably process tasks in parallel by granting only the necessary privileges for each account when large-scale work in teams or groups.


  1. SyncTree is a cloud-based service that allows you to manage the API lifecycle, monitor usage, and gain insight through analysis.
  2. We provide a simple registration/payment service so that you can conveniently subscribe to SyncTree service, and the monthly payment will be displayed on your bill. Payment and payment management functions can only be used by users who have the payment authority of SyncTree, and payment related functions such as payment history inquiry, subscription cancellation, and product upgrades can be used.


  1. SyncTree provides Support features to help you actively optimize performance, reduce costs, and speed up your business.
  2. With SyncTree, you can save time by helping customers achieve business success reliably and quickly, and by helping them focus on their core business. It guides you through answers to best practice questions, and helps you solve many difficult problems.
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