SyncTree Serverless Microservices

SyncTree provides serverless functionality to implement, deploy, and manage microservices without a separate development environment.

Serverless Microservices

SyncTree provides all the functions of microservice management so that you can implement and manage microservices in a serverless environment where you do not have to worry about server construction and operation.SyncTree is a service oriented to a loosely coupled structure, allowing application creation, deployment, management, and monitoring independently. It provides a developer-friendly environment and a variety of module blocks to achieve programming-level development without setting a separate development environment or codes. In addition, independent version control and distribution are possible, so large-scale tasks can be stably processed in parallel.

SyncTree  Architecture for Serverless Microservices


Application Creation and Management

When you create an API, a corresponding independent application is automatically created. Applications can be called through APIs, and the called application behaves according to the implemented logic. All created applications are independently created and managed through SyncTree's special features.


Developer-friendly Environment and Programming-level Development

Programming-level development is possible without a separate development environment and code. A single function can be processed at the level of programming with a modularized module block, and it can be extended and implemented as a single logic by connecting with other module blocks. In addition, by flexibly processing data with various utility module blocks, you can easily and robustly implement the desired logic.


Version Control and Deployment

Provides a branch strategy versioning environment for strategic management and deployment of applications. Applications are created and managed internally in a work unit called ‘Revision’, and can be conveniently copied, deleted, and distributed. At the time of deployment, SyncTree's unique deployment function allows uninterrupted deployment to the designated branch environment.


Share and Reuse

Commonly used applications and logic can be shared in the form of module blocks within a specified range. Just change the state of the implemented application and it will be shared for use by other applications. Common logic can be separately implemented and managed through the library function and can be shared within a specified range. Applications and logic can be reused to quickly and easily build and scale applications.


Organization Management and Access Control

You can organize and flexibly manage your organization by directly assigning roles and privileges to accounts divided into administrators and workers. Roles and permissions are important to securing services and organizing applications. By assigning roles to accounts, you can control access with role-specific permissions, and you can flexibly protect services by granting or removing permissions.

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