SyncTree Product

Monitor & Security

SyncTree provides a 'Trail' function to quickly check, track, and control abnormal activities, and the 'Monitor' function can stably manage performance.Through 'Analysis' function, you can stably manage the service and get insights from various information.


  • Record/provide work history and user account activity events.
  • Continuous monitoring of work history and activities.
  • Detect abnormal activity of user accounts.
  1. SyncTree provides a 'Trail' function to manage user account governance, compliance, operational audit, and risk audit.
  2. The 'Trail' function allows you to log, continuously monitor and archive actions related to user account activity.
  3. The 'Trail' function provides event records of user account activity, including actions performed through functions such as 'Account Management', 'App/Bizunit' creation/modification/deletion, and deployment.
    Logging of these events simplifies security analysis, resource change tracking, and troubleshooting.
  4. You can also use the Trail feature to detect unusual activity in your account. These features can simplify operational analysis and troubleshooting.


  • Monitoring to improve service and increase availability.
  • Provides statistical information per request count, response time, and Http response.
  • Visualize and monitor statistical information by day/week/month.
  1. SyncTree provides a 'Monitor' function to stably maintain/manage performance such as stability and availability.
  2. The 'Monitor' function provides statistical information such as the number of requests, response time, and Http status codes (2XXs, except 2XXs) by day/week/month.
    In addition, it provides the user to check the log information left through the 'Log' module block as well, and by checking the log, errors in the service can be traced or corrected.
  3. 'Monitor' function provides statistical information in one revision unit for more stable management of performance. Users can upgrade the service with the 'Monitor' function and increase the availability.


  1. SyncTree provides 'Business Analysis' function to monitor and manage API to measure performance.
  2. The 'Business Analysis' function is a service that creates indicators for business analysis, collects the logs that are actually generated for the indicators, and displays a graph in the aggregate method, one of the data analysis methods.
    Indicators can be left through the 'Analysis' module block, and the left information is analyzed and provided in real time.
  3. With the 'Business Analysis' function, you can detect/manage risks in advance, and gain insights to make business decisions through a variety of information.
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