SyncTree Product

Orchestra layer

SyncTree Orchera layer enables customers to build microservices through SyncTree Studio and coverge connected APIs or system contents. Customers can also use SyncTree Studio to add logic, debug tests and deploy easily and quickly.


  • Mash up.
  • Logic creation.
  • Various API and connection convergence management.

Clients can create and combine various interfaces and code blocks in SyncTree Orchera to implement functions such as mash-up and logic creation.

Deploy & DevOps

  • Separation of test and deployment environments.
  • Provide version status.
  • Provide Git-flow branch development.

It can be distributed to internal/external developers and control the version

Revision status Test


  • Low code.
  • Use Build in block.
  • Build in and custom block.

SyncTree nBlock is low code and environment free, which significantly reduces the constraints of development environment. Clients can create new logic by combining the generated blocks and perform legacy interworking. The blocks can be customized by clients.


Debugger & tester

  • Step test.
  • Watcher test.
  • Data verification.

Provide real-time online debugger.

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