KB Securities Mydata Concern & A solution through SyncTree

Information Transfer Request right

  • API Connection

    → Build My Data Quickly with API Creation
  • Respond to Mydata API changes

    → Direct application as a solution with NoCode method
  • Distribution Method

    → A quick distribution through Dev Ops
  • Needs fast development/stable service environment within a short period of time

    → Concurrent development service through Gitflow

KB Securities Mydata Concern & A solution through SyncTree

Mydata Provider

  • Data Preprocessor

    → Data collection and data creation or format change for KB Securities by communicating with external organizations by using various logic blocks
  • Create additional business logic

    → Easily create new business logic by combining various logic blocks
  • DB & protocol support

    → Various DB support, as well as various API methods such as Rest, Soap, etc.
  • Mash up of external/internal data

    → By creating new business logic through various logic blocks, internal data and collected data are mashed up and used.

API Management in the Mydata era?